Sepandaar Company works similar to freeway construction companies. This company is shaped based on a powerful consortium of experienced companies. It has been chosen for the execution of program in a national competition.
The high quantity of project is the key of its quality and success. Sepandaar will manage the electronic toll collection in more than 471 freeways lanes. The service delivery will accompany the high quality at this level. To do so, we will absorb the national supports. We do not expect the attraction rate of 100%. In the future, many services will be provided in this context. Having a national perspective to the perspective will resolve the problems. We expect that after starting the project and by the help of all beneficiaries, we attract the opinion of key managers to solve the legal customers in this field.
Sepandaar supports many methods in the field of reception. One specific payment method is not intended in this project. The payments will be non-stop in some freeways. The possibility of connecting the license plate to the banking account and direct withdrawal of charges are predicted. The tag method is also predicted. The mobile application, payment link, and USSD codes are intended as the methods of payment.In this condition, the people will use one of the payment methods in their preference and need.
No. The investment capacity of Sepandaar Company is one of its strength points. The method of Sepandaar Company is to invest 100% and no extra cost is forced to the contractors of freeways. The aim is that all beneficiaries are benefited from the project. The benefits of Sepandaar Company are not apart from the contractors and the success of the project is in the shadow of success of system performance and satisfaction of contractors. The only requirements for Sepandaar Company are to have a place for installation of equipment and local servers as well as regular electricity and communication facilities.
Besides providing the financial investment and all technical requirements, many scenarios have been predicted for increasing corporation and culturalization with methods such as sending short messages, displaying signs in the freeway, learning,informing, reminding and so forth. Various plans such as customers club, loyalty plans, pre-ordering plans and easiness in depositing charges are predicted.
The withdrawal process of charges is optimum and crystal-clear by conducting the electronic toll collection system. In this situation, the paid charges will be deposited to the account of freeway exploiters. Meanwhile, the complete information of unpaid passengers will be fully delivered to the court officials.
The charges are checked out based on the freeway charges, banking rules and the provisions of Shaparak Company. Therefore, no money is remained in Sepandaar accounts. Additionally, because of the features predicted, misjudging, violating and hacking the information are not possible on Sepandaar software.