Call for Contractor Selection

The national ETC service provider company of Sepandaar, based on its organizational strategy, carries out some parts of the project in an outsourcing way. Interested and competent companies in relevant fields can join the group of contractors of Sepandaar Company by participating in calls and in the case of confirmation. The list of held calls has been provided below.

Call subject Publication date Deadline Status Download
Call for Police SMS service provider selection 2019/08/10 2019/08/19 closed -
Call for server room atandardization 2019/05/11 2019/05/22 2019/05/28 closed pic
Call for data center hardware equipment purchase 2019/05/11 2019/05/22 2019/05/28 closed pic
Invitation for contractor of manual number plate check 2019/04/27 2019/05/01 2019/05/15 closed -
Call for Sepandaar's CRM software contractor selection 2019/02/16 2019/02/24 2019/03/03 closed pic
Call for Sepandaar's service branding strategy development 2018/12/10 2018/12/26 closed pic
Call for Sepandaar's software contractor selection 2018/11/03 2018/11/12 closed pic
Call for participation in the installation, maintenance and operation of ETC equipment 2018/09/08 2018/10/03 closed pic