Completion of Locating Sepandaar Road-side systems in 28 Freeways of the Country


Sepandaar roadside systems include all-round gantry racks and beam gate towers, and all vehicle identification equipments, vehicle classification systems, and the identification system for front and rear plate detection, and the probale assigned tag are of the most important components in the identification section of an ETC system. These systems install and run at certain points of the main routes and subroutes of the freeways.

The location of the road-side systems on the freeway plays an important role in the quality of the project, creating equity in the payment of tolls and the ease of use for the vehicles passing in the freeway. Locating of Sepandaar road-side systems on freeways is one of the important steps in implementing the ETC project. Sepandaar Company has codificated a directive for integrated locating and ensuring the compliance with the relevant regulations throughout the country. The locating process was performed based on the above-mentioned directive, during September 30 to November 29, 2018, with the participation of a group of experts including Sepandaar technical group, representatives of surveyor companies and TSP, representatives of the project monitoring company, representatives of the freeway companies and representatives of the Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization. In this activity, organizing meetings at the headquarters of the freeway companies, creating preliminaries and conducting multiple visits to every freeway commute route, selecting the right locations for locating and conducting the primary location in the freeway location, holding technical meetings and finalizing the points were all approved by all of the interested parties. In addition to the technical parameters related to the ETC system, special attention has been paid to the safety of freeways and travellers, as well as the future prospects of the Sepandaar project in providing distance-based tolling.




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