All Freeways receive tolls electronically


Deputy Director of the Construction and Development of Freeways of the Construction and Development of Transport Infrastructure of Iran announced, “All freeways receive the tolls electronically by end of July”.

Seyyed Hossein Mirshafi’ expressed that the electronic toll collection plan has been already coordinated with the RFID tags of toll payment that executed previously. He told: “following the assistance with Maskan Bank, the numbers and license plates that purchased tags in prior can contact with this plan and pay their toll by buying credits”.

He mentioned that the applicant could pay their share on various applications such as Aaniro and Kipaad. He added, “The error percentage was under 1% in the first step of making tolls electronic and we try to use this plan for all freeways after making the errors zero”. Mirshafi’ explained, “In the next step, we take into account the freeways including Tehran-Pardis, Qazvin-Rasht, Tabriz-Zanjan, Mashhad Bypass, Qom, Kashan, Esfahan, Mashhad-Bafgh, and Saveh-Salafchegan”.

Deputy Director of the Freeways Construction and Development explicated, in all of the freeways in Iran we start installing the equipment and removing the tollbooths and then start executing the electronic plan. He emphasized, “All freeways in Iran will be equipped with the electronic tolls and based on the agreements with various companies, executing this plan plays an effective role in reducing the traffic, fuel consumption and paper costs”. By mentioning that the fine of non-payment has been applied from 30 April, he added, ‘In the first step, this plan surely fines the people who did not pay the tolls and are fined step by step after that’.