Details of the freeway tolls of the vehicles are visible in the new series of SMS sent to drivers


One of the issues that has arisen for the owners of the car after the payment of the tolls of the Tehran-Saveh freeways, Tehran-Qom, Karaj-Qazvin and Qazvin-Zanjan freeways, is the lack of a possibility to view details of freeway toll.

We spoke with Soheil Mazloum, CEO of Sepandaar Company and the project manager of the New Payments System on freeways. Mazloum pointed out that because we cannot understand that someone who inquire tolls for a car is the owner of the car, we can not present the details of freeway fees for vehicles in electronic payment systems. "It's not possible to look at the details of freeway traffic on cars, because of the lack of technical feasibility, but because of the privacy issues of individuals where we do not know who the owner owns the car,". Of course, according to Sepandaar CEO, in the third episode of general messages sent to individuals, it is possible to see the details of the tolls. "Because these messages are sent to people from the police system, we are sure that they own the car, so the possibility to view details in the third series of SMS is available," Mazloum said. In fact, there is a link where car owners can click on it to see details of their freeway tolls. "

Also, according to Soheil Mazloum, information kiosks are in these freeways in which car owners can both pay the toll and the details of their charges in these kiosks.