Tolls in 10 freeways will be taken electronically from the end of July


The deputy director of freeway development and construction has announced that the tolls of 10 freeways will be electronically taken by the end of July this year, and, yesterday, on the Safavid Freeway, in addition to electronic tolls, the drivers have paid traditional toll.

According to the Tasnim Economic Department, Sayed Hassan Mirshifi, he said: By removing traditional tolls in Qazvin-Rasht, Tehran-Pardis, Saveh-Salafchegan, Qom-Kashan, Kashan-Isfahan, Urmia-Tabriz, Zanjan-Tabriz, Mashhad outskirts, Baghche-Mashhad and Bandar Abbas - Shahid Rajaee, the passageways of these freeways will be electronically charged. He said that the program will be carried out experimentally in the next two weeks on the Freeway of Tehran - Saveh, Tehran - Rabat Karim, adding that this program will be implemented on the Karaj-Qazvin route between Hashtgerd, Nazarabad, Mohammadia and Mehregan, so that passengers traveling between these cities pay only part of the toll and do not have to pay the full cost. He added that one of the measures taken to facilitate the handling of drivers' problems and questions is the installation of information kiosks, which, in addition to providing payment services to drivers, will address their inquiries and complaints in the same area. The deputy director of manufacturing and development of freeways in the construction and development company of Iran's transportation infrastructure said: In these kiosks, an Aaniro card is provided to people who are less involved with the Internet and less aware of electronic payment methods.

Mirshhafi said that the purpose of implementing this plan is to eliminate the need to stop the tolls and create more safety and facilities for drivers, and that people should not be concerned about electronic payments, said: "By the end of September, all 28 freeways in the country will be covered by electronic toll freeways and new freeways will use this method.

According to him, with the reduction in the number of summer trips, the old tolls are removed from freeways. According to Tasnim, the official statement of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development was announced yesterday, when a number of freeway travellers complaint about traditional toll at the Saveh-Salafchegan freeway. According to one of these audiences, according to the announcement of the Ministry of Roads and Urban development, the application has been installed on my mobile phone and the toll has been paid. But yesterday, in addition to this amount, they received traditional freeway tolls of 3,500 Tomans. He argued: previously, with the installation of large boards, people were told that on this freeway, no charges will be received in cash, so, they should install an instant app and pay for these charges. But yesterday, people were settled in kiosks and took 3500 Tomans from each car and people protested about that.