More freeways are to be equipped with electronic toll payment systems / we are not going to omit toll booth employees from the traffic system


Describing that the tolls on more freeways are going to be electronically paid, the Deputy Director of the Construction and Development of Freeways Company said: “There could be seen heavy traffic jams behind the toll booths, which is eliminated after implementation of the electronic toll payment project.”

Seyyed Hossein Mir Shafi’ also added: “In the first stage, on the morning of March 18, 2019, the mechanism of electronic toll payment began on the freeways of Tehran-Saveh, Qazvin-Zanjan, Karaj-Qazvin and Tehran-Qom. Also, until the end of July this year, and in two stages, 10 and 7 other freeways will be equipped with the same facilities, which will be a total of 21 freeways until the said date.

Mir Shafi’ continued: “In the second stage, the toll will be paid electronically on freeways of Tabriz-Urumieh, Tehran-Pardis, Qazvin-Rasht, Saveh-Salafchegan, Qom-Kashan, Kashan-Isfahan, Tabriz-Zanjan, Mashhad-Baghcheh, Mashhad local lane and Bandar-Abbas freeway”. Stating that the employees will be working on new freeway services, he added: “After the tests, these employees will be hired in the electronic sectors or by the Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization. “Without doubt, the capabilities of no one of the employees will be underestimated and we are not to eliminate them from the traffic infrastructure”, said Mir Shafi’.

Describing that good progress has been made to pave the national freeways, Deputy Director of the Construction & Development of Freeways Company said in another interview: “In 2020, the Ministry of Road and Urban Development and the freeway construction companies will start to pave the freeways of Zanjan-Tabriz, Saveh-Salfchagan, Qom-Kashan and Kashan-Isfahan.”